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Hands in a Holding Position

All the work has been done on paper and sits within the medium of drawing in its broadest sense from simple drawing methods to layering of images and materials through mixed media. The images are not meant to offer a descriptive representation but instead a visual and sensory experience through composition and materials; an intuitive response that depends on memory and emotion of our internal lives and our experience of the world.
Working with flowers allows the pleasure of using colour and beauty but they can also convey meaning in an intuitively personal and powerful way. Throughout history flowers have been used as symbolic gestures and depicted in paintings and sculpture for narrative purposes and to enhance meaning.  From the red rose symbolising the blood of martyrs in early Christian paintings to the present day where roses signify romantic love which has been passed down to us from medieval culture of romance. In this work I am motivated by the sociological aspect of giving flowers as emotional gifts to convey love, sorrow, congratulations, thanks … to relay our desire to share at some level in the experience of another. As social beings we have a need to connect with other people whether family, friends or strangers; to share in the events of others, celebratory or tragic, the milestones of life and to remind ourselves that we are not alone.

A selection from the work can be seen below.

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