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This work was part of a series looking at care and comfort that came about when my son was suffering from a serious illness.  Rather than look at the disease; it's science and symptoms, I chose to look at what was outside the disease so to speak.  During the illness and the visits to hospital, while the devastating impact of the disease hung in the background, it wasn't fear and pain that was prevalent but instead the positive atmosphere created by families and health professionals and the medication to cope with side effects all gave comfort that became my strongest,  experience of coping with my child's illness. This surprised me and I did understand the strength that came from taking control of the situation through smaller actions; medication, kindness, laughter, concentrating on deeds and activities of everyday life.

This work lead naturally into the next series, Seeing You There which depicts our attachment to place. As memories became important,  times and places we spent together deepened in value and meaning.


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